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Featured Products available from InstrumentsNE

Ocean Optics:

(NEW  !! )  USB4000+XR and USB2000+XR  Extended Range (200nm-1050nm) high performance miniature spectrometers.

These   extended range spectrometers utilize a new grating for greater spectral range of 850nm as compared to previous spectral ranges of 600nm. The  USB2000+XR utilizes the Sony 2400 pixel CCD detector , and the USB4000+XR utilizes  the  3600-element Toshiba  CCD detector.  These miniature spectrometer measure only 89.1 mm x 63.3 mm x 34.4 mm , provide a resolution of approximately  0.3nm , are USB powered, and are available with 15 different gratings in a total  range of 200nm -1100nm including the XR grating. New (‘+’)  electronics provide a faster integration time of only 1ms.  A shutter function is included.

(NEW !! ) High Power LED Light Sources. Pulsed current from 200ma – 3000 ma. FWHM from 11nm – 20nm.

Ocean Optics new line of ergonomic and smartly designed SMA  fiber-coupled LED light sources are ideal for fluorescence, spectroscopy and general fiber illumination applications. The Ultra LED high power light sources can be operated in continuous or external trigger modes. Wavelength coverage is from 240nm – 627nm .   An innovative optical designed enables these fiber-coupled light sources to provide highly efficient light coupling into a single optical fiber. The proprietary electronics design provides stable high-current operation and allows the LEDs to run at high peak currents when in external trigger mode.The controls feature a three-way switch to move the light source between continuous, off and trigger modes. A second control is used to manually adjust the drive current. A 15-pin interface connector provides access to TTL input controls, onboard memory and intensity modulation and an optional USB controller is available to control drive current, pulse width and pulse frequency via computer.

visible                IR                 (Size is approx 3″ cube)


(NEW !! )  Rigaku NEX CG  Energy Dispersive XRF.   Brand new technology.  Secondary Targets. Cartesian Geometry (90deg Polarized optics). SDD detector. FP one step calibration.

Rigaku has long been known as a reliable supplier in the XRF field.  Recently they have released their newest technology in the form of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence using indirect , polarized excitation with secondary targets to reduce background and matrix effects while acheiving very low detection limits in samples from Na to U.  The new NEX-CG analyzer is about the size of a microwave and just as easy to operate. It is plug and play out of the box, with a minimum of set up and calibration.  Sample types of Liquids, Powders, and Solids can be analyzed down to PPB levels.  The software allows one step calibration for fast analysis.

Typical uses of EDXRF include the analysis of petroleum oils and fuel, plastic, rubber and textiles, pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, cosmetics and body care products, fertilizers, geological materials, mining feeds, slags and tails, cement, heat-resistant materials, glass, ceramics, catalysts, wafers; the determination of coatings on paper, film, polyester; metals and alloys, glass and plastic; forensics; multi-layer thin films on silicon wafers, photovoltaics and rotating storage media as well as pollution monitoring of solid waste, effluent, cleaning fluids, pools and filters.

Rigaku nex cg  ( Benchtop convenience, the size of a microwave. )


Energetiq Laser Plasma Light Source: 

(New !!)  Introducing the EQ-99FC LDLS™ with fiber-coupled output

An SMA coupled fiber optic light source that covers 170-2100nm, highest brightness, longest life for those applications requiring a wide spectral range and intense light.